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Red Son Power Girl!!!!

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Justice League 3000 #5 by Howard Porter


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Official New 52 Wally West Flash design by Brett Booth!!!!

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Rhino redesign to go with my Spider-man and Electro redesigns

Wow…. Talk about “Hard Shelled!!”

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A pre-show commission for Expocomic 2013 in Madrid.

Totally “Cosmic!!”

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Outta boredom and a fascination with DC Comics’ Earth-3 and Crime Synidicate, I redesigned Owlman the villainous version of Batman #Owlman #Earth3 #DCComics #ForeverEvil #CrimeSyndicate #ThomasWayneJr dBruceWayne #Multiversity #redesign #DarkKnight

Awesome Owlman Design, I’d like to see an Ultraman design too!! :-D

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Personal Ideas for a DC Comics “All-New 52” Comic Series.

All-New Justice League,
Wonders Of America,
Power Girl & The All-Stars,
The Fifth World,
Superman Forever,
Doc Fate & The Society Of Superheros.

Now this I would write if I was working for DC Comics
What do you think?

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My Newest Redesign of Power Girl.

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Yours truly with the great Amanda Conner!! :-D